Welcome to the MCAM Associates Member Committee!

This page is dedicated to our Associates Committee.  Here you find information on events and the latest products.

Our Committee is as follows:

  • Travis Clarke (BPL Sales Ltd.) - Chair
  • Rob Reid (B.A. Robinson)
  • Grant Mills (Central Hydronics)
  • Pat McMahon (Wolseley Mechanical)
  • Eric Henstridge (Comco Pipe & Supply)
  • Ilona Hutchinson (EMCO)
  • Marcel Labelle (SimplexGrinnell)
  • Tim Loeb (Manitoba Hydro)
  • Brian Rosney (Bibby-Ste-Croix)
  • Paul Schimnowski (E. H. Price)
  • Nolan Shortridge (Jones Goodridge)
  • Rob Sigurdson (E. H. Price)
  • Nelson Bergantim (IPEX Inc.)
  • Todd Webber (M. A. Stewart)
  • Mark Windeatt (Engineered Air)
  • Tony Boken (Hi-Tech Seals Inc)

Membership Benefits for Associate Members

All Associate Members receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunities for face-to-face meetings with industry leaders.
  • Services to keep you upt to date with client developments, marketing opportunities, technological advancements, industry new and upcoming events.
  • Membership Advantage Program
  • National Conference.
  • National Bulletin.
  • Product and Service Guide
  • Membership list, Provincially and Nationally.
  • Direct mailing from MCAC.
  • Just the FAX.
  • MCA Canada's website.
  • Networking
  • A seat at the Board table, Provincially and Nationally.

Be sure to check out the Events under the Associates tab!

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