Industry Notice - Commercial Inspections Interim Strategy Audit

February 07, 2020



As part of the Interim Strategy for Commercial Inspections, the City of Winnipeg committed to conducting an audit of Building, Plumbing/Mechanical, and Occupancy Permits that did not receive a requested final inspection between July 1 – December 31, 2019. All customers impacted by the audit have been notified. If your permit was not selected for audit, your permit will be closed and you will be notified. To learn more about the audit program including frequently asked questions, please visit winnipeg.ca/commercialinspections.


Upon permit closure, a Final Occupancy Permit will be issued by the Occupancy Office, which will supersede the Open-Ended Interim Occupancy Permit for the permit address (if applicable). Please note: No action is required to request your Final Occupancy Permit. However, processing times for Occupancy Permits may vary.


Building and Plumbing/Mechanical Permits that did not receive a requested progress inspection between July 1 – December  31, 2019 will be reviewed and inspected if an additional inspection has not already occurred. You will be contacted to schedule an inspection timeframe.


Should you have concerns, please contact the Commercial Inspections Branch at 204-986-5190 or ppd-commbldg@winnipeg.ca. Otherwise, no further action is required until you are contacted.


Please visit winnipeg.ca/commercialinspections to learn more about our current inspections process.







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