February 15, 2018




Section 17 of The Winnipeg Building By-law No. 4555/87 has been amended to identify an additional Mechanical Contractor’s Licence – M-Prime.  This designation acknowledges those mechanical contractors who oversee the mechanical scope of work on a project but subcontract that work to licenced M1 or M2 contractors rather than have licenced contractors on staff.  The new designation enables such a person or company to obtain the necessary M1 or M2 permits and be the prime contact for the Mechanical Inspections Branch.

The Building by-law includes the following definition:

A Prime Mechanical Contractor means an individual, partnership, firm, corporation or government department contracted to undertake mechanical work that may or may not hold a valid Mechanical Contractor’s Licence “M1” or Mechanical Contractor’s Licence “M2” issued in accordance with this By-law.


What this means is that someone who isn’t a licensed M1 or M2 Mechanical Contractor may acquire an M-Prime Mechanical Contractor’s Licence, and be issued an M1 or M2 Mechanical Permit under the condition that a licenced M1 or M2 contractor – as applicable – is identified as performing the work.  M1 and M2 permit applications made by M-Prime contractors will not be processed if a licenced M1 or M2 contractor is not identified.


When a permit application is made by a licenced M-Prime contractor, the licenced M1 and M2 contractor they identify on that application will receive an email indicating they’ve been identified on a permit application.  The email will include instructions and contact information for what steps to take if they have been incorrectly identified on a project.  M-Prime contractors should be aware that if they incorrectly identify a licenced M1 or M2 contractor on a permit application form, the permit or application will be immediately cancelled with a non-refundable administration fee being with-held, and re-application necessary, before the permit will proceed.


Mechanical Permit application forms have been revised to accommodate these changes.  There are no changes to types of mechanical permit applications.  The M-Prime licence simply allows a wider range of entities to obtain a mechanical M1 or M2 permit.


A separate M-Prime Mechanical Contractor’s Licence application form has been created.  Like other mechanical contractor licences, no exam is required.  The M-Prime licence is available in one-year and three-year terms with pricing similar to that for existing licensed contractors – see Page 30 of the Planning, Development, and Building Fees and Charges.  All M-Prime contractors will be identified as such and included on the published list of licensed mechanical contractors on the City of Winnipeg website.


To apply for an M-Prime Contractor Licence email contractorlicence@winnipeg.ca or visit Contractor Licenceing at Unit 18 – 30 Fort St.  Also, see the Contractor Licencing area of our new Mechanical and Plumbing info Centre webpage.



Thank you.


Shawn Krenz, C.E.T.  

Technical Support Officer,

Planning, Property and Development Department

City of Winnipeg



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